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720 Summit Boulevard, Unit 101A, Frisco 80443, Colorado, Summit County, United States


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VIVE is a dedicated REST and RECOVERY wellness studio specializing in gravity-free/sensory-free float therapy. With the effects and stresses of gravity and sensory overload lessened, the body is able to more efficiently allocate its resources toward mental and physical maintenance and healing. This all-natural healing environment is ideal for those with injuries, chronic pain, stress-induced illness, and more.

It is our ultimate desire to create the most curative environment using state-of-the-art float rooms designed to simultaneously reVIVE the mind and restore the body. This gravity-free | sensory-free | stress-free space has been exclusively created to find your mental and physical balance.

About VIVE

CALM - From the moment you step into one of our studios, you will experience the calm environment we believe is vital for your time of restoration. From our staff, to your private suite, the state-of-the-art equipment, to the furnishings; we believe it all plays a vital role in creating a calm state of being as the entry point to your mental and physical rest and recovery.

CLEAN – VIVE is committed to the cleanliness of our studios, the restorative waters we float in, to the equipment we use to aid in the rest and recovery process. Our team has been educated, trained and certified if needed in the various safeguards and standards needed to ensure that the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation has been achieved. You can calmly rest in the cleanliness of our environment, water, and equipment.

CURATIVE - It is our ultimate desire to create a curative environment. From the hiring of our team, the equipment we've invested in, the environment we've created, to our baseline wellness products; all meant to move you forward mentally and physically toward a well-balanced life.

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Summit County | Frisco, CO
720 Summit Blvd., Ste 101A
PO Box 32
Frisco, CO 80443

Cherry Creek + | Denver, CO
250 Steele St., Ste 110
Denver, CO 80206
303.377.VIVE (8483)

Old Town + | Chicago, IL
1513 N. Wells St., 2nd Fl
Chicago, IL 60610
312.525.VIVE (8483)


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720 Summit Boulevard, Unit 101A, Frisco 80443, Colorado, Summit County, United States
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