Cannabis - The Spiritual Commodity

Historians today believed that for many early cultures cannabis was grown for everyday activities such as food, medicine, textiles, and building materials. Current discoveries are starting to unravel the fact that cannabis may have been used for spiritual purposes such as divining the future, funeral rites, and healing the mind and body.

Treating the mind, body and spirit with acupuncture

In Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, the mind, body and spirit are interconnected. When one is over active or deficient, the other two will suffer. Acupuncturists use a channel or meridian system that connects the internal organs and physical body with the mind and spirit. When the meridian systems are healthy the mind, body and spirit will thrive.

Mindfulness in Eating

However many times a day you eat, you have an opportunity to focus on what you are eating, and put aside the “troubles of mind” that follow us wherever we go. In doing so, you make a profound shift in your physiology. A rare and beautiful parasympathetic “rest and digest” shift happens to your nervous system. This parasympathetic shift only occurs when we sleep, or when we truly relax and find gratitude for the gifts set before us.

The Art of Play

"Play is the work of the child." – Maria Montessori

Play is a cherished childhood activity and one with profound implications on childhood health and development persisting into adulthood. Play provides a strong foundation for young children to discover materials and properties of the natural world while simultaneously offering challenges and opportunities to explore the strength and resilience of the human body.

Seek the Spirit

I am a body worker, and a skincare specialist and everyday I am blessed use my talents and skills to help people feel better, physically and emotionally. I am very fortunate in that I can provide a safe space for people to unwind, relax, and take a few moments to care for themselves.


Have you ever had a strong feeling something was going to happen? Have you been thinking about someone and then they call or text you? Have you had a strong pull that you should do something or go somewhere? Do you ever have a really good or bad feeling the first time you go somewhere or meet someone? That’s your intuition talking to you. We all have the gift and ability. The question is do we choose to hear or use it.

Spirit, Shen, Stress, and Anxiety

A few years ago, I had a patient come in to my office on an almost emergency state of depression and anxiety. The patient had just gone through some of life’s major stressors and needed assistance working through. After the acupuncture rebalancing treatment the patient went to check out, looked up at me and stated, “I can see you now. When I came in for my treatment, I couldn’t see or focus, but now everything is clear.” Life’s stressors and emotions can take a toll on our Spirit or Shen.

About Us

Modern Vibration is a growing community that believes we are all children of Mother Earth. It is the sacred laws of nature and an appreciation for the great circle of life that hold us to our truths. We are the light for the law of attraction on this journey back to the golden age of nature, love, health, and vitality.