Realign your Spirit with Reiki

How do you know if and when your spirit is out of alignment? Just listen to your body. Our physical and emotional bodies send signals when the spirit is out of alignment. Our bodies speak to us through signs and symptoms of dysfunction, disease and state of being. That is how you know when the spirit is out of alignment.

You attract what you think. What you think is what you believe. What you think and believe is how you feel. And how you feel creates your state of being. If your not living your best life, connect and align with your spirit. It’s never too late to start your journey inward. The whole World and Universe is inside you and each and everyone of us!

Our world we live in is designed to cut us off from being aligned with source, the God within. We need to reprogram ourselves. It is time to throw away the old outdated programs and upload new healthy programs that are more beneficial for the time period we live in, the 2020’s.

You are in complete control of your life if you take seniority of it. I recommend to live every moment with intention. Be mindfully aware of your thoughts, actions and reactions, stop searching externally, go within, discover your passion, respect yourself, don’t overthink, breath, fill your cup, find your inner joy, take time for yourself, meditate, heal, rest, forgive, release, let go, be patient, love yourself, be open-minded, stay hydrated, practice compassion, change your mindset, have gratitude, find peace, be gentle with yourself, choose you, smile and don’t get caught up in what you cannot control.

Stand in your truth and you will stand in your power. You’ve got the power, it’s inside of you. You just need to learn how to tap it. That is why you should hire a Holistic Health Coach and Energy Healer.

Everything is energy down to the cellular level of all living and nonliving things. Energy connects everything. Energy carries information. Energy creates and destroys. These are the laws of the universe. When you go within and connect with yourself, you tap into the Universal energy. We do not see energy with the physical eye. However, we can feel it and see the results. Put your kinetic energy in motion to heal and change your past self to your new self. Give yourself permission to be your new you by embracing the past and allowing the now, which will guide your future.

Reiki is energy and a safe, peaceful and noninvasive treatment modality that will help you realign your spirit to your higher self, source, God or Universe. They are all one in the same. My Reiki is unique. Every practitioner has their own style depending on their training level, experience and knowledge. This is what you can expect, as many people wonder what goes on during the session. We first have a conversation about you, your needs and desires. Then, I become a channel for the Universal Life Energy, it strongly flows through me and is not my energy. While standing, I assess your energy and give you an energetic healing and remove unhealthy cords.

After, you lie on a massage table face up and fully clothed. I begin with a grounding meditation which encourages deep relaxation and trance. After, I assess the chakras, if necessary realign, cleanse, open, close and spin your chakras. Then, I cleanse and clear your energetic field and aura. Now, the focus is on the body. I direct the Reiki through your body from head to toe and toe to head through each organ and body part removing stagnate energy that causes misalignment. During the session, I use crystals to enhance your connection to your higher self. All appointments, clients and client information are confidential.

The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical your life becomes. You have the ability to create the life you want now by releasing the obstacles preventing you from being in alignment. Your answers will come to you when you align with your spirit. When you align with your spirit you raise your vibration…your mind and body will follow.

Realign your spirit with Reiki. Make your transformation NOW and schedule your Reiki session TODAY.

Shelly Maguire is a Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master and QHHT: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner. She is an AFPA board certified holistic health coach with a specialty in cleanse and detox. She also integrates holistic life coaching into all of her services. She was a nationally licensed paramedic and worked for Taos County Ambulance for seven years. She was a midwifery apprentice at Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center and was an ER/LDRP Tech at Holy Cross Hospital for two years. She studied Native American uses of herbs while living on an herb farm cultivating herbs and making herbal medicines. She holds an associate degree in Emergency Management from Eastern New Mexico University.

Her office is in Frisco at 101 West Main Street, suite 206B in the Westmain Professional Building. Visit her website at or call (970) 409-0481 to schedule an appointment today.