Energetic Topaz

Topaz is an aluminum fluorsilicate with a chemical composition of Al2SiO4(F,OH)2 with a hardness of 8 on the mohs scale. The crystalline structure is orthorhombic, which means that the crystal system has three axes of unequal length that all intersect at right angles with each other.

It is quite an incredible stone not just known for its beauty, but it is especially known for its energetic properties. Energetically, topaz is quite different from quartz, in that the terminations and facets of the topaz crystal provide both positive and negative currents.

There are many ways to tap into the frequencies of topaz, and being a crystal of great potency it can be quite helpful in visualization for healing and/or attracting, in meditation and in projection. It assists one to assimilate exactly what is most needed from the universe.

Another method to tap into the energies of topaz is by means of an elixir, which can be as simple as placing a topaz in a cup of water. This is a magnificent technique for dispersing the energy throughout the body. The vibrational resonance of topaz aligns with the laws of attraction, allowing for an ethereal magnetic effect. Topaz is very powerful when it comes to manifestation, and each color serves as a catalyst for the manifestation activities. An interesting combination to note, is using topaz in conjunction with amethyst. This combo provides a soothing, clearing and stabilizing effect allowing for the transmutation of undeveloped energies into high spiritual vibrations. The three most common colors of topaz for metaphysical purposes are clear/colorless, golden/imperial, and blue. There are several energetic properties associated with each of these individual colors.

Clear/Colorless Clear topaz stimulates the crown and etheric chakras by expanding one’s perception to the energy flow in the form of thought and healing light. It manifests the energy of the spirit and promotes the expression of spiritual energy though all of one’s creations. It helps one to sharpen one’s psychic and intuitive gifts, especially clairvoyance and clairsentience. By assisting one in recognizing Divine Will, clear topaz encourages the manifestation of one’s highest spiritual path. It helps one to align one’s words with truth and to recognize truth or untruth in others. Clear Topaz also removes stuck or stagnant energy and allows one to discover their inner wealth of knowledge and abilities.

Golden/Imperial Golden topaz activates and stimulates the Root, Sacral and Solar plexus chakras. Working much like a battery, golden topaz stores energy that one can tap into when one needs to be recharged. It can be used to enhance relaxation, to create lightness of spirit, and to stimulate feelings of peace. It enhances ones creativity, personal will and the ability to manifest one’s desires. Golden topaz can be used to attract people toward one for friendship or business, but take caution not to use this for selfish gain. It also acts to initiate faith and to further the quest for the enlightened state. Being a powerful stone of manifestation, it can help bring one’s highest visions into being.

Blue Blue topaz can clear and activate the Throat chakra, enhancing the ability to articulate ideas and insights. It is a natural amplifier of psychic abilities and it can assist those who wish to attune to inner guidance, as well those who wish to serve others by doing readings, energetic alignments or other spiritual healing work. This is a wonderful stone to add to any type of crystal grid work because they resonate the perfected pattern of the human body and energy system. Blue topaz helps to integrate life lessons in order to gain knowledge through experiences. It helps calm the mind during meditation and will aid in communication with higher spiritual beings. It assists in bringing the body, mind, and spirit into union with the forces of the perfection of the universe.

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