Motivated, Driven and Joyful Work, Are you a Well Fit Human?

Well Fit Human Retreats is “Creating Positive Impact through Personal Growth.”

An insert from the founder, Wendy Yates:
I’m always grateful for another day above ground and the opportunity to live in Summit County, Colorado. The picturesque mountains and people we’re surrounded by are incredible, however, this world has so much more to offer and when I stopped to look at my daily actions I realized I have more to offer too.

Before getting to that please keep this in mind…

Some say life is long and you have time to make plans before motion. Some say life is too short so be bold, hustle and take action now. Regardless of where you may land on the spectrum of extremes, what we hope to agree on is this… You get one shot in this life on earth and you’d best be served to do something amazing. So, what gets you up each day with gratitude and ambition? What story are you telling through your actions? What brings you true joy?

Many people never get the opportunity to ask themselves these kinds of questions. Instead, they’re consumed with the daily struggle to meet basic needs of food, water, warmth and safety. According to The Hunger Project, there are 821.6 million people who are chronically undernourished and estimates 844 million - 1 in 9 - people lack access to safe water. These are disparities we feel we can help change through recognition, human to human connection and our humanitarian based travel retreats.

Well Fit Human Retreats was created with the goal to help others by also helping ourselves. It’s based on combining cultural immersion and humanitarian work to lifestyle design in a way that is approachable and inclusive for all. By adding value to the way we see ourselves we can more readily add value to those in need of a little extra help.

Many hear the word retreat and immediately think vacation. The Well Fit experience is not a “vacation”. It’s an opportunity to create a lifelong community of support, empowerment and evoke change on a deeper level. It’s the chance to participate in living your best life through impactful philanthropic work. It’s the prospect of trying a variety of movement-based practices (yoga, barre, strength training, etc) while also learning more about mental health and nutrition. AND it’s the offering of your time and energy which many believe is far more valuable than simply offering a dollar donation.

At its core, Well Fit Human is defined by three keywords. Well: We actively choose Wellness as a constant form of change and growth to live our best lives possible. Fit: We strive for Fitness in body, mind, spirit through exercise, nutrition, and meditation. And Human: Through our Humanitarian efforts, we promote global welfare. With these staunch words as the backbone of the company’s culture, we hope to grab the attention of like-minded people both locally at our Summit County Wellness Day September 21st and internationally at our inaugural retreat to the Dominican Republic this October.

Well Fit Human is a passion project and we are looking for people to join us. We’re excited to collaborate with the founders of That Jungle Life this fall in the Dominican Republic and are looking forward to “creating magic moments,” as they say, for a community of people living in a small fishing village called El Valle. If you know of similar groups doing great things we are open to suggestions, especially given the fact we’re planning retreats in Puerto Rico, Africa, Europe and South America in the next 24 months. Learn more about how you can be involved at or catch up with the latest events through our Instagram @wellfithuman. Together we can be bold, hustle to help and take action TODAY.

Wake up each morning stoked to do whatever it is you have planned and choose to do. Live a story worth sharing with family or a smiling stranger you’ve met along the way. Experience pure joy in joining a group of like-minded individuals as together we Travel, Sweat, Help and Heal! Go beyond what you think you are capable of, be amazing and experience your greatest potential.

More than just a wellness retreat. The Well Fit Human experience is combining cultural immersion and humanitarian work to lifestyle design in a way that is approachable and inclusive for all. Give to the lives of others through volunteering a portion of your time and benefit from a variety of movement-based practices such as, yoga, barre, strength training, etc, while also learning more about mental health and nutrition. Together we are “Creating Positive Impact through Personal Growth.”
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