The Spirit Connection

As a health and wellness professional how do you incorporate a clients spirit into your practice? The definition of spirit is; the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. Seems a little intangible. How do we, as experts in our field recognize the entire human being we are working with?

In fifteen years of teaching Pilates one on one, and in group settings I’ve taught many types of pupils. My main goal is to help them grasp the Pilates method, and to do so I must take into account each person as a whole; their mind, body, and spirit.

How do you understand someone’s spirit? Picture, the nonverbal communication that many people have with their dogs, and cats. Without speaking, often times your pet seems to understand your moods, and, emotions. And you, most likely can perceive the needs of your pet through the non verbal language the two of you have established. What is it that goes on between you and your pet that creates such intimacy without any words spoken at all? I believe this type of connection can aid health and wellness providers. Taking time to behold the essence of the individuals you work with can enhance the outcome of the work you do together.

Your pet is an excellent observer. They watch your every move, study your habits, and, love you unconditionally. Do you take time to observe your clients? It doesn’t take long, just a moment to fully regard each human being you work with.

Notice the rhythm of their breath. Pause, share a second with your client, for a few cycles try and match their breathing. Your spirit will reflect theirs for just a moment. Beneath the surface there will be an understanding that it’s safe for each of you to give fully to the work ahead of you. Like when my dog sees other dogs on the trail; he pauses some feet away from them, observes the energy, and knows whether or not it’s safe to proceed.

As you develop stronger connection with the spirit of your clients; LEAVE YOUR ISSUES AT THE DOOR. Like a dog patiently waiting for their master, unconcerned with their own needs. Whatever you may be dealing with in your life can wait, it is not important when working with your clients. Make space to explore your own personal issues elsewhere. The more present you are, the more clearly you’ll see your clients.

The unconditional love your pet has for you creates deep bonds. I am not saying you have to love your clients, but be open minded, non judgemental, and acknowledge, we are all equals. You may be the expert in your field, but we are all the same. As a health and wellness provider if you treat each person with genuine appreciation you’ll both reap the benefits.

Spirit may seem obscure, but it’s a large part of one’s identity. Observe your clients like you would your pet, their mood, their energy, and, you’ll instinctively build a strong foundation from which to begin working together.

Bridget Crowe is the owner of Body Essentials Pilates in Dillon. She has more than 2,000 hours of training from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and works extensively with her mentor Kim Haroche. Bridget has completed her Master training and is a host advisor for the Pilates Center. In 2014, Bridget was trained as a Ballet Barre instructor and in 2016 became certified to teach aerial yoga. Pilates, Ballet Barre, and aerial yoga have helped shape Bridget’s unique and comprehensive teaching style. (970) 468-1607