Reiki for the Spirit

Reiki is traced back thousands of years to ancient Tibet. The Tibetan monks used Reiki and Reiki symbols for personal growth development, as did the Japanese people. Personal growth and development is a spiritual path that doesn’t claim any particular form of religion, but yet encompasses all religions. You can be spiritual, but not religious and you can be religious and spiritual. There is not right or wrong, in my humble opinion. To each their own, whatever resonates with that individual and works for them.

So, why is Reiki good for spirit? In the 21st Century many people are cut off form their inner spirit. Yes, spirit is within each of us, not outside the body. We are cut off from our spirit because of old world conditioning (pre 21st Century), paradigms, and beliefs. We are cut off from our spirit because of the power of media, mainly televised news channels. And we are cut off from our spirit because of our past and/or present emotional problems and/or the skeletons in our closet. We are cut off from our spirit because we were never taught to be in touch with our spirit. We are cut off from our spirit because we are seeking spirit form outside the body from outside sources, not realizing that it is within each and everyone of us.

Reiki helps guide you into the journey within, to the spirit self.

For example; Reiki helps to develop virtuous qualities like patients, love to self and others, non-competitiveness. It moves us to be non-judgmental and to be more accepting of self and others’ ideas and beliefs. It empowers our ability to forgive, develops gratitude in all areas of life. It improves the quality and quantity of joy, peace and happiness we experience in daily life. It connects us to our inner spirit, to personally grow and transform to become a better person within and out. Not that anything is wrong with you or anyone else. We are perfect in our imperfections. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our inner work for personal growth and development. To change the world we must start with ourselves and the world will be forever changed!

What transforms from replacing the negative qualities to positive qualities is a higher consciousness and vibration. Everything is energy and science agrees. Reiki helps to shift the energies within you by replacing the negative with positive and removing energetic blocks that trickle into daily life. When you heal the spirit, you heal the body and mind. It is all one, we are all one!

However, since Reiki respects free will, it will not heal us or develop these higher states unless we invite it to do so. This requires that we are willing to change and do the inner work. The ability to recognize unhealthy personal qualities within ourselves and be willing to let them go is necessary if we are to move forward with our personal healing. It is not an easy path to take an honest hard look at oneself, but once you start life will become easier, doors will open, and things will just start aligning with more synchronicities in life.

Shelly Maguire is a Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Master. She is an AFPA board certifi ed holistic health coach with a specialty in cleanse and detox. She also integrates holistic life coaching into all of her services. She was a nationally licensed paramedic and worked for Taos County Ambulance for seven years. She was a midwifery apprentice at Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center and was an ER/LDRP Tech at Holy Cross Hospital for two years. She studied Native American uses of herbs while living on an herb farm cultivating herbs and making herbal medicines. She holds an associate degree in Emergency Management from Eastern New
Mexico University. Her office is in Frisco at 101 West Main Street, suite 206B in the west main professional building. Visit her website at or call 970-409-0481 to schedule an appointment today.