Human Being

What is the thing that is the same inside of all of us? Some would call it the spirit, others call it awareness, consciousness, being. No matter what you call it, we are all human beings. There are two dimensions to life, the human dimension (form dimension) and the being dimension (formless dimension). The human dimension is anything you can see, touch, experience in form. Our forms are all different and beautiful in their own way. The being dimension is what this article will focus on

The formless dimension is difficult to describe with words because words were designed to describe the form dimension. Words can be used to point to the being dimension, but the words are not it. There have been many words in many different languages throughout history that have been used as signposts to point to the essence of who we are.
Think of form as the painting of your life and formless as the canvas. Form is the exterior of a building and formless is the foundation of the building. Form is the tree above the ground and formless is the roots that are grounded in the earth. Form is the waves on the surface and formless is the ocean in its depth. How do we apply this to a human being? Form is our appearance, our job, our name, our beliefs, our so called life. Formless is our true nature, the life force that animates the form, the background, the intelligence encoded in our DNA.

Being can’t be thought of, it can only be felt within us. We all know and love the formless dimension; it is there when we pet an animal, spend time with a baby, smile, laugh, feel joy, care for another, are grateful for life, walk in nature. It is all around us and within us all the moments of life. It caresses us on a difficult day and rejoices with us when we spend time with it. It is utter joy and love and it is intrinsically who we are from birth till death. We can sense it in others and know that our true nature is the same.
We all want peace and joy. When we look within we can find what has always been there and live in alignment with our formless spirit.

The idea of something formless can be confusing to understand. As humans we like to measure things, categorize them, document them, name them, tell stories about them. One example of something that we do every day which has no form is thinking. Can you point to a thought? Can you touch it? Where is the thought located? We like to think of ourselves as solid and unchanging. Instead, we are mostly empty space, a molecular dance in form. Space is formless and without space there would be no forms. The space is the framework in which the form can organize itself around.

So how do we connect with the being within? The first step is to make the choice to do this. There has not been a day that goes by that I have forgotten this wisdom. We will go onto the path and stray from the path many, many times. There is no destination, only a path. We can join others and separate from others. We start to accept ourselves and reject ourselves. We see all of this and can’t see any of it. The path is unclear at times, but we have faith in our true nature. Not faith in a god or a story, but faith in the joy within to be our guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I have always been here and will always be here.

Dr. Paul attended Rutgers Dental School in NJ. He completed a residency at Hackensack University Medical Center, which is ranked the #1 hospital in NJ. Two years ago, Dr. Paul, his wife Sarah, and his cat Braveheart moved to Summit County and feel lucky and grateful to be here!
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