An Amazingly Simple Way to Help Your Child Become Happier and Healthier

Today, many children struggle with their social skills and have a hard time regulating their emotions. Meanwhile, their stress levels are increasing rapidly from the perpetual distractions of the digital age, high pressure to achieve, economic hardship, and emotional struggles (Kabat-Zinn, 2013). Ultimately, any one of these factors can hamper a student’s ability to learn (Tatum, 2009).

What Horses Can Teach Us About Communication, Leadership, and Life

Horses, running free and unencumbered across an open prairie, fill us with feelings of awe, wonderment and pride in our western heritage. I wonder, is it stirring some deep primordial memory about the relationship of humans and horses over the millennia or are we just appreciating the beauty of such a spectacle? Maybe both, but who can tell?

Stunningly Simple Strategies to Practice Mindfulness with Your Child

Is your child stressed, angry, or anxious, and you don’t know how to help?
Is your child having trouble concentrating or has low grades, and you are not sure what to do?
Is your relationship with your child suffering due to his or her behavior?

Creating a Happier Child without Spending Five Figures on Therapy and Medicine

Have you ever felt this way?

  • Your child is stressed out and angry and you feel hopeless and unable to help?
  • Your child has ADHD, his or her grades are low, and you are not sure what to do?
  • Your relationship with your child is suffering and you are frustrated?
  • You notice your child treating others badly and you don’t know what to do besides punishment?

Living Outside the Illusion - A Story of Happiness, Fulfillment, and Purpose

Happiness, fulfillment, and purpose—those words always seem to strike a distinctive chord in the consciousness of most human beings. Of the more than seven billion humans living on this planet, I would wager that the definition for these words would be different for every single person. There will of course, be a lot of similarities describing the things that support our happiness as humans, such as love, family, safety, security, productivity, recognition, and many more things we value as individuals but there will also be distinct differences that are a reflection of our individuality.

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