Make Up Your Mind

I love wine. I love being strong and fit. I love helping people feel better. I loosely base my persona on being the fun, wino, mom, massage therapist that does Crossfit so she can keep drinking wine and not be chubby. Obviously that is the orange peel of my existence, but as I’ve noticed over the years, it’s based on a modicum of truths.

In April of this year, I opted to have my ACL replaced. I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. It really hurt! I was bruised, bloodied and incapacitated for weeks. Allergic to the pain killers and swollen beyond recognition, I was a total mess. In nearly fifty years on this planet, I have never been injured like this, nor have I had any sort of major surgery.

Imagine my dismay. It was a total mind bending experience. I had nothing but other peoples horror stories and the platitudes of my surgeon to go on. I felt weak and defeated and not myself. I complained, a lot. I cursed the doc, I cursed my knee, I cursed skiing, I cursed my bike seat, I whined, I kept drinking wine, doing the PT (nothing at all like crossfit), I started losing strength and tone and sight of the big picture. I felt sorry for myself. Yuck.
One day, a close dear human told me to quit cursing my knee and just send it some love. Ugh! Seriously, he said that, to my face. So, you know what I did? After I rolled my eyes to Mexico and back, I sent my knee some love.

Every day since then, I sit on the sofa and massage the scars and picture the literal nuts and bolts of my new ACL. I picture the harvested tendon, my body with my minds eye healing, the bone mending and the tendon sewing itself back together. Just that tiny shift in consciousness made such a difference in the way I am now healing. Bigger, better stronger!

When I am at PT, instead of complaining that I’m not in a puddle of my own sweat on the ground, I high five myself for moving up from the 2 inch box, to the 4 inch. I high five myself for going from not being able to pick my heal up off the table to doing leg extensions with weight.

Oh the celebration of doing a 14 inch box step. This experience has taken me to a new level of self. I can be graceful and patient with myself. I can be me without wine, without crossfit. I am healing, one tiny moment at a time. It’s a lengthly laborious process. However, it sure is better healing when your mind is on board. You are also less annoying when you’re not complaining all the time.

Does any of that story have anything to do with anything? I believe that it does. My day spa is inside a Chiropractic office. I see hundreds of people come in every week for relief and just as many come just to maintain their current level of comfort. I have personally witnessed people barely able to walk in, and after a short time, they are back to their old selves, walking upright, smiling and back playing their favorite sports. I have also seen people come in one condition, only to leave in the same condition, sick, sad, bitter and disappointed. The only difference between the results is the mind set of the patient. I witness it every day.

When your ‘mind’ is made up that you are going to get better, you get better. We are built to heal ourselves. Our millions of cells working together to mend a cut or to reattach bone to bone. We have multitudes of options to aid us in healing. Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, the list goes on and on. All of this help is at our finger tips, but none of that matters if you don’t believe in your innate ability to heal from within.

No matter where you are in your healing, know that you have the most powerful tool at hand, well, in your head, to heal. Make up your mind and stick to it.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Intention
Create a vision of healing for yourself in your mind’s eye. Visualization (guided imagery) techniques work because the mind thinks in pictures. Intend for the healing to manifest in your life. Intention is powerful – it propels you forward in your journey and creates a clear and powerful goal. Intention stimulates desire.

2. Desire
Sustained positive emotions are integral to healing. Desire is an emotional trigger to keep you on your
journey. The stronger the desire, the more potent is the force of will that will keep you going even when times get tough.

3. Mindfulness
Mental focus removes other barriers that distract you. It brings the fullness of your energy into the present moment. Focusing your attention on one thing will enable you to bring all your resources to its achievement. Meditate on transforming yourself.

4. Believe
You can change any aspect of your health through changing your belief about it. To stimulate healing, it helps to believe you are worthy of being healed. It’s essential to believe you can be healed. What other beliefs can you create to help you to heal?

5. Hope
Hope sustains you even in the darkest hour. When it seems all is lost, we cling to hope.

Also, protect your knees, stay strong and mind your core!

Rebecca loves helping people with their skin. She has spent years researching the best and most effective ways to heal our largest organ. She believes healthy glowing skin begins within. She will help delve into diet, supplements, and products, all the things that affect healthy skin.

In addition to her passion for healthy skin, she is super efficient and quick with body waxing, lash and brow enhancements, as well as giving beautiful natural tans. She is also a massage therapist, with several modalities including ashaitsu, deep tissue, and energy work. You can contact Rebecca to learn more at Auth Chiropractic and Vitality Center (970) 262-7929 or