What is our Purpose, Nature and Design?

As a species we have always been obsessed with finding a purpose with life. We are always asking: What am I? Why am I here? What should I do with my life? We constantly struggle with the things we think we need to do, to find fulfillment. If we could stop for a moment and entertain a different perspective; things might become easier. It starts by understanding our purpose, nature and design.

Connecting with Our Purpose
Discovering our purpose is actually quite simple. What do we spend our whole lives trying to be? We just want to be happy. From the time we wake up in the morning, until we go to bed, we seek out, explore, and manage opportunities to keep us from either being unhappy or to experience that fleeting feeling we describe as happiness. I think everyone agrees that life works better when we are happy. We have better relationships. We are more successful in everything we do, including our job performance, our health and even our income. Okay, it is not always easy to be happy, especially with everything going on in our lives, but it is the reason we are here, so we need to do the work to create an environment around us that supports happiness. Happiness supports life, unhappiness doesn’t. It is as simple as that. This is the basis for our existence, so remember, our purpose is to be happy!

Understanding Our True Nature
So now that we know what our purpose is, what is our nature? What is it that makes us who we are? When we break down all of the systems in the human body, we find organs, tissues, cells, molecules and eventually atoms. Atoms are mostly empty space. In fact, atoms are 99.9999% empty space and only .00001 matter with particles that are moving around each other at the speed of light. So, if that is true (and it is!) our nature is energy!

This energy has an intelligence and is the basis for our entire experience and is found in everything that exists in the physical world. If we think about life from this perspective, we are dealing with life from the very foundation of existence. Thinking about life this way creates new neural networks in our brain that opens us up to new possibilities, giving us the ability to create more of what we want.

Expressing Our Design
What do you suppose we are designed to do and be as human beings? Well, what is it that we spend our whole life pursuing? Isn’t it love? As conscious, energetic beings we are designed to express love and receive love. I am not referring to love as an emotion. I am describing the intelligent energy (mentioned above) that makes up our existence.

This intelligent energy is love. We are designed to express and receive this energy in many different ways. It is this universal exchange of love that creates and sustains our existence. We direct this energy with our thoughts and intentions. It can be expressed through praise and acknowledgment, listening to others, offering support, or giving a loving touch.

This exchange of love is what sustains life. It makes us healthy, robust and able to live life to the fullest. We search for opportunities to exchange love when we pursue those things that we “love” to do, like creative activities, exploration of new experiences, and interacting with people that we “love” to be with, like our family, friends or mates.

Having New Thoughts
Our lives unfold (in our mind) based on the thoughts we are having. These thoughts lead to choices and these choices lead to action. Our actions create experiences and the end product of every experience is an emotion. These emotions then support more thoughts that reflect what we are feeling. If we don’t like what we are feeling, we need to think about where it all began – with a single thought! By changing our thoughts, we can change what we are feeling!

By embracing these new thoughts and focusing on your true purpose, which is to be happy and by understanding your true nature, which is energy, and by living your design, which is to express love and receive love, I guarantee that you will live a successful life – a life that is designed by you!

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