Fluorite: The Genius Stone

Fluorite is the premier stone of the mind. It will help clear out all forms of disorganization and will also elevate thought and concentration. Nicknamed the “genius stone”, it’s energies bring balance to both hemispheres of the brain by stimulating the electrical charge of the brain cells and expanding the consciousness.

It propels the mind to superior mental, spiritual and psychic awareness. Fluorite also represents the highest state of mental achievement, helping to boost learning, organization, discernment, the absorption of new information and ideas, the working through of complex situations and the focus of the mind when studying.

The chemical composition of flourite is Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) and is classified as a four on the Mohs hardness scale of one to ten. The crystalline structure is cubic with octahedral cleavage. Fluorite occasionally crystallizes in octahedrons and seldom in dodecahedrons. This is one of the most collected minerals from around the world with each locality showing amazingly unique characteristics.

Fluorite comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Each with unique metaphysical characteristics and each affecting different chakra points on the body.

Clear fluorite stimulates the crown chakra, but also corresponds to all of the chakras and will align them by bringing in the full spectrum of light. It brings mental clarity and will cleanse and energize the aura by grounding universal energies into the physical body. Clear fluorite will also amplify the energies of other stones so it makes for a wonderful addition to crystal healing grids and layouts.

Blue fluorite works through our throat chakra and allows for clear communication of our beliefs, ideas and emotions and for our personal truths to be brought out into the world. It encourages trust, faith, patience and respect, which in turn lends the much needed focus to become more sincere, responsible and trustworthy. It helps with recovery from addictions, destructive patterns in our lives, calming anger and allowing for us to become more cheerful and dependable. It encourages our humanitarian side by focusing our energies into service to others. Blue fluorite brings order to our thoughts and allows one to conduct the brain’s activities toward an intended purpose. Blue fluorite and other color varieties can lose color when exposed to natural light and various atmospheric conditions.

Yellow fluorite works through our solar plexus chakra, which controls our immune and digestive systems. It helps activate the release of toxins from the body’s cells and helps bring harmony to the stomach and liver, release excess bile and remove intestinal blockages or growths. This crystal aligns the will with the mind so that one’s goals and ideas are manifested into reality through action and intent. It is a crystal of unity, intellect and creativity. It harmonizes group energies by bringing a cooperative spirit and willingness to work together for a common goal.

Purple fluorite stimulates the third eye or brow chakra, bringing into our physical reality higher forms of truth and incorporating those concepts into the mind. These crystals can be used as dream talismans that help to interpret our dreams by providing insight and opening a window into the soul beyond ordinary comprehension. As a stone of protection, purple fluorite is ideal for protecting one from evil spirits and nightmares. It uses one of the most powerful rays in our color spectrum and is the most peace-giving of all the fluorites. It purifies the mind and gives a boost to one’s mental acuity in order to bring coherent and mindful awareness to our mental processes and how we think.

Green fluorite is a growth crystal, bringing in the power of nature’s constant renewal. It acts as a powerful channel of Mother Earth’s life force of birth, development and creation. Light green crystals help to develop spiritual growth and one’s commitment to a higher purpose, while dark green crystals promote physical growth and strength, health and safety in travel. It activates and works through our heart chakra and allows the information from our subconscious mind to rise in order to help the emotional body understand the issues of the heart in both past and present situations. Bringing balance and harmony between the mind and heart, green fluorite allows one’s thoughts, words and actions to be aligned with their true purpose.

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