Do You Know What Is Going On Before You Know What Is Going On?

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a system of medicine, distinct and separate from all other forms of medicine practiced today. Using electromagnetic vibrations of very low frequency, which can transmit information in the human brain, Biofeedback bypasses the usual senses.

Finding Your Flow

Enhancing Winter Athletic Performance

Chinese Medicine dates back four thousand years, to a time when people based their understanding of their health and how their bodies worked on what they knew best, how nature worked.

Taking Care of You: the Practitioner

How do you keep motivated, driven, inspired, and energized after working in the same modality for so many years? Do you find it gets old or boring, are you exhausted at the end of your day? Is it frustrating when your clients don’t take your advice and seem like they aren’t moving forward? Do you ever question your authority on the matter? Is it difficult to be compassionate to your clients without internalizing their physical, mental, or emotional issues?

Leaky Gut, Inflammation and Autoimmune Disorders

According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, more than 27 million Americans suffer from thyroid dysfunction, half of which go undiagnosed. Of the detected cases of hypothyroidism, more than half are due to an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s disease, in which the immune system attacks and destroys thyroid gland tissue.

Aging Gracefully with Naturopathic Medicine

Recently, I was asked by my aging but active and healthy parents to read the book Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, MD. This book contains extremely valuable information for anyone who will die someday or anyone who has loved ones who will die someday. Last I checked, that was all of us.

Docs Outside the Box

Every Summit County resident has a story about what drew them to this valley in the center of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Something pulls at the heartstrings. In a similar fashion, every naturopathic doctor has a story about what called them to become an ND. It’s not a glamorous path and you’re not going to become rich.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Regulated My Period

My period was never normal. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be predictable. Sometimes I would go months with no cycle and other times my cycles would follow each other quickly. Most adults in my life said it was “normal” to have irregular cycles. I finally brought it up with my OB/GYN and she suggested I take oral birth control.

Auriculotherapy – Ear Acupuncture

What is Auriculotherapy?

Auricular medicine originally started as a system of traditional Chinese medicine going back to 500 B.C.E, in ancient China. However, it was also know in ancient Egypt, Rome, Persia, and most recently in France.

Return Your Spine to a State of Health with the DRS Protocol

Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or other nerve pain? Are you searching for a safe alternative to surgery, injections, or addictive pain medications? Live your life without pain or compromise. Discover non-surgical spinal decompression, utilizing the DRS Protocol.

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