Is There a Link between Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer?

Fifty years ago a woman’s odds of getting breast cancer were one in 22. Today it’s one in seven for women age 80 and older. As a woman ages, her chances of developing breast cancer also increases. At age 30, it is one out of 2,213 and at age 40, it jumps to one in 235. By age 50, it becomes one in 54.

Balance Life in the Mountains Through the Five Elements

“Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way. With yoga, we become aware of how and where we are restricted—in body, mind, and heart—and how gradually to open and release these blockages. As these blockages are cleared, our energy is freed. We start to feel more harmonious, more at one with ourselves. Our lives begin to flow—or we begin to flow more in our lives.” Cybele Tomlinson

I Chose Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Found Me

Many people ask why I went into acupuncture and natural medicine. Well, it didn’t start that way. I grew up in a family where my parents both worked at hospitals. My mom was a registered nurse on the high-risk maternity unit and my dad, was a financial analyst at another hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

Surviving Today with CBD

Life on this planet is rarely stable. With all our technology and knowledge, we seek balance in our lives. Exercise, hugs, and coffee tilt those scales closer to the desired balance, but there is new research on a new substance that may help our natural balance. This new miracle is cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabis and Essential oils

We often refer to cannabis as a “weed,” but this magical plant is actually a flower that contains 140 different essential oils. The practice of aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, is the science of extracting aromatic essences from plants to promote balance in the body and mind. The main therapeutic agents in essential oils are known as terpenes, which have a wide variety of uses, from hygiene products to food flavorings.

Modern Technology Meets Ancient Medicine To Create Amazing Results!

Many years ago I was introduced to a medical technology through an interesting series of events. One of my best friends in chiropractic college contracted hepatitis A through an unnamed food chain. He went to see his chiropractor about a year later, because he still didn’t feel well.

Creating Balance

Inhale. Exhale. Release.

Summertime in Summit County is such a gift. There are many of us who came one season for the joys of winter, and then were surprised that summer can be just as sweet. Summer is a very yang season, full of long days in the sun, high activity outdoor sports, and constant socializing. As much as we can feel charged up, this endless yang energy can drain us.

Don’t Let Your Knee Pain Hold You Back

Did you push through knee pain all winter long? Do your knees ache and slow you down in the morning? Are you nervous to do summer activities like hiking, biking, and climbing? Have you had surgery on your ACL, MCL, LCL or PCL? It’s time to have long lasting pain relief that helps prevent future injuries plus allows you to enjoy year-round activities.

CBD – Join the “Health Buzz” without the “Head buzz”

The advent of the whole plant, hemp derived CBD-rich oil as a grassroots therapeutic option has changed the local, and national conversation about cannabis. It’s no longer a question of whether medical marijuana works, today the key question is how to use cannabis for maximum therapeutic benefit in a wide spectrum of everyday health concerns.

Stretch Your Way to Health

Are you the type of person who goes to a fitness class and cannot get over how some people can contort themselves like a pretzel, while you can hardly imagine touching your toes? Good news for you, it turns out you can actually become more flexible. With a steady stretching routine, you are on your way to touching your toes.

Mayan Abdominal Therapy

As practitioners of naturopathic medicine, we believe that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. In other words, optimal healthcare should combine age-old, traditional healing with cutting-edge, modern, evidence based medicine.


Early in school, we learn about the basic survival needs: food, shelter, oxygen, water, and sleep. Until recently however, little was understood about the functions of sleep and how it affects our physiology. We all know how miserable it feels when we don’t sleep well, decreasing our mood, energy, and ability to focus. Recent scientific research has proven the vital importance of sleep on nearly every human function.

Staying Fit, Fabulous, and Injury-Free Using Eastern Medicine

“Running is an optimistic sport: fundamentally, we believe in the power of the body. Meditation is also an optimistic tradition: fundamentally, we believe in the potential of the mind. In Tibetan, confidence is known as ziji. This word can also be translated as ‘brilliance’ or ‘to shine.’ Ziji expresses how confidence feels and looks: mentally we shine, and physically we glow. Both running and meditation bring out our radiance.”

—From Running with the Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in China over thousands of years. As a TCM practitioner, I use herbal medicine to treat and prevent health issues or as a complementary health approach to other modes of treatment.

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