Proper Care for Your Body

Much like our lives, we can steer and mold our bodies the way we want to. And like our own life, if we do not take proper care of our body, it would rot and die. Most people do not look after themselves for two major reasons:

  • They do not understand the benefits of taking
    care of their health and bodies.
  • They are not motivated and driven to take care of
    their health.

We get one life to live and one body to live it with. If we do not take care of it, who will?

A human body is a massive miracle. It consists of organized yet complicated organs and systems, making it work day in and out. Our bodies are also built like machines. Like cars or any other machinery, these human body systems work well with proper maintenance and guidance. For smooth functioning, all the parts should be working in unison. The digestive system, circulatory and muscular system are the core systems that should be in sync and functioning well. So keep an eye out, are you sending your human body in regularly for it’s service?

We need to let go of all the excuses, and start taking care of our bodies. Our body and mind are related to one another. We cannot ignore one for the sake of the other. A perfect body does not include only the physical appearances but also includes the mental health. A healthy mind stimulates the body and helps you take care of it. I agree that sometimes it is hard and despite our best efforts we cannot keep our bodies far from diseases.

We need to understand that if we can bring some lifestyle changes, we can take care of our own body.

You are still alive for a reason
Have you ever given a thought to this? You are still up and running for a reason. If your body is no longer in your control, you would not be able to take control of your life. If your body ceases to exist would you still be here? Remember, a body that is disease ridden can never face complete bliss. Get rid of the toxins and wear a smile full of health and happiness. Be happy and drive away the blues.

“More” energy to do “More”
Regularly serviced cars give you better mileage. A body that is fine tuned and well oiled would run better under any circumstances. Imagine how much more you can do in life if you looked after your body. Spending money and time for curing diseases can be overridden by making the most out of your life. If you are constantly moving, you are active and thus more productive.

No more stress
If you look after your body, there will be very little stress. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind seldom takes the stress. There is an increase in self-confidence and thus lowers anxiety and reduces the chances of depression.

Prevention is better than cure
When we start taking care of our body, we lose excess weight, we look younger, and our skin becomes clearer. But the most amazing thing you can do by taking care of your body is to keep the disease at bay. You come into the habit of looking after yourself and thus small ailments like flu and fever cannot touch you. Why wait for the disease to come to you? Fight beforehand and mitigate health problems.

Do it for your family
If you are still not convinced on why should you take care of your body, then you need to look after yourself for the sake of your loved ones. They love you and want you to be happy and healthy. If you look after yourself, you set up a role model for your children and other family members surrounding you.

By now you must have realized why is it so important to take care of your body!


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