The Summit County Body

For this current “body” issue we should celebrate our own bodies, as a collective. Summit County is a unique area to live, and so are our bodies, proof in a study by the Journal of American Medical Association. Summit County Colorado had the longest life expectancy in the US in 2014, 86.83 years of age. I’ve worked passionately as a Pilates instructor, and studio owner in Dillon since 2004. Throughout the fifteen years, I’ve witnessed the commitment that people in Summit County establish with their bodies.

This commitment is inspirational. Let’s appreciate the hard work and devotion to health and well being that keeps people in Summit County living longer than any other county in the USA.

Whether you were born here, or are a transplant, this place raises, and attracts people that are tuned in to their bodies. I have worked with people ages six to ninety, and though each person has their own unique story, one thing seems true for everyone; at the core, there’s deep love, and respect for the bodies we inhabit. Our attitude towards moving, eating healthy, and social bonding keep us active, and stimulated throughout our lives.

With outdoor sports, and activities abound, Summit County residents stay physically fit, and active all year round. Our passion for movement and open air keep us enthusiastically striving for deeper connection to our bodies. I’ve been inspired by the mature bodies that I’ve had the honor of working with. They personify grace, strength and amazing coordination. With a long life of movement and respect towards their bodies, these people have developed profound connection to their bodies.

Although illness, injuries and cancers plague us like the rest of the country, we spare no cost for our health and wellness. Our dedication to health is apparent if you look at how we support such a diverse and extensive community of expert wellness practitioners. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy workers, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors and yoga teachers just to name a few. Summit residents are intensely loyal to their most trusted wellness practitioners. We will gladly wait days, and sometimes weeks to get in. We invest in our health with visits to these highly trained, and thoroughly educated professionals.

Much of our social connections happen while biking, skiing, hiking etc. Because we live in Colorado’s playground we can easily establish relationships that go deeper than social media. Over the years I’ve realized how we thrive while moving and breathing with each other. While guiding people one on one and in class settings at my studio, I see changes in people as they engage muscles and move in ways they might not have been able to if they were on their own. Our bodies innate response to each other puts our breathing in tune, and soon we make it up the hills faster together.

Summit supports a whole slew of healthy grocery stores and restaurants. Our community gatherings incorporate many whole and unprocessed foods, and our kids are growing up eating organic diets. It’s clear to see how our healthy diets bolster peoples workouts in my studio. As a result of healthful eating, the fast paced, full body, ballet inspired barre workouts invigorate, not deplete.

Summit County residents make tremendous commitments to their bodies. We keep moving, stay loyal to our wellness practitioners, go outdoors for activities with our friends and eat consciously. It’s no wonder that we are the county with the longest lifespan in the US. Our collective belief system of love, and respect for our bodies is infectious; let’s keep spreading it!

Bridget Crowe is the owner of Body Essentials Pilates in Dillon. She has more than 2,000 hours of training from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and works extensively with her mentor Kim Haroche. She has completed her Master training and is a host advisor for the Pilates Center.

In 2014, Bridget was trained as a Ballet Barre instructor and in 2016 became certified to teach aerial yoga. Pilates, Ballet Barre, and aerial yoga have helped shape her unique and comprehensive teaching style. (970) 468-1607 or visit