Reiki Does the Body Good

Why is Reiki good for the body? Reiki is a holistic treatment modality to reverse the effects of stress. Reiki promotes health and healing for the body by producing deep relaxation. When the body is relaxed, it is able to go into digest and cellular repair mode because the parasympathetic system is stimulated. The parasympathetic nervous system helps to maintain homeostasis in the body by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure and by reducing the stress hormones.

Most of us are living our life in stress mode, in constant fight or flight response. Living with constant stress is harmful to our bodies because of the hormones produced by stress. When hormone levels such as cortisol and neurotransmitters, like epinephrine are elevated and sustained by stressful emotional responses it can cause adverse conditions in the body that lead to health problems. Elevated and sustained cortisol blood levels from stress cause systemic inflammation and adrenal fatigue, which ultimately lead to a myriad of diseases including, but not limited to, headaches and minor aches and pain to heart disease, autoimmune disease to cancer. The body or autonomic nervous system does not know the differences between the stress of physical danger, like being chased by a tiger or emotional stress from the past or present. The body sees these as a threat. The brain then dumps cortisol and other stress hormones into the blood stream to divert energy and blood flow to muscle contraction. It increases heart rate, blood pressure and breathing and releases blood sugar from the liver into the bloodstream in order to deal with the immediate danger or the modern day tiger E.g. emotional stress. This is the fight or flight response reacting from the stress.

Our ancestors lifestyles provided a natural balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. They had brief moments of stress from a hunt or attack from a predator that was followed by plenty of time to relax and connect with peers and family, as most of them lived in tribes.

In contrast with our ancestors, we live lives often filled with persistent emotional stress, distractions and busyness. We are constantly living with stress from past and current negative emotions, traumas and experiences. We worry about relationships, money and our jobs are filled with stress. This all leads to chronic stress. Chronic stress upsets the balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Ergo, living life unbalanced from the inside out on a cellular level.

Veraciously, if we are living in constant emotional stress, the sympathetic nervous system is running rampant and the parasympathetic nervous system can not balance the body out to reverse the stress hormones released from the adrenal glands. When the body can not rest due to the stress hormones from a constant state of stress, cellular repair, rebuilding and digestion does not occur and chronic disease may ensue. We all have underlying emotional stress that is affecting our daily lives. It’s just the way life can be in the present time.

I provide a unique and one of a kind Reiki service. I incorporate mind, body and spirit energy techniques and holistic life coaching into the Reiki session. Most clients that come for Reiki are trying to move through past and current emotional trauma, they feel stuck and are suffering from negativity, poor self esteem, addictions and the list goes on. I guide you through an inner journey to self. I hold space for you during a Reiki session to help you connect with your higher self. When that connection is made a release ensues. In addition, during my Reiki sessions, I clear the aurora, adjust the chakras and move energy throughout the body.

It’s time to take a conscious choice to address and deal with underlying stress affecting your life and well being. Unaddressed emotional and life stress causes unpleasant personality traits and disease. What we feel and what we think makes us who we are and directly affects our health and state of being. With coaching anyone can change a difficult life to a life that has the flow of synchronicities and coincidences in alignment with your life path. Are you ready to be your best self and live your best life?

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Shelly Maguire is a Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Master. She is an AFPA board certified holistic health coach with a specialty in cleanse and detox. She also integrates holistic life coaching into all of her services. She was a nationally licensed paramedic and worked for Taos County Ambulance for seven years. She was a midwifery apprentice at Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center and was an ER/LDRP Tech at Holy Cross Hospital for two years. She studied Native American uses of herbs while living on an herb farm cultivating herbs and making herbal medicines. She holds an associate degree in Emergency Management from Eastern New Mexico University.

Her office is in Frisco at 101 West Main Street, suite 206B in the Westmain Professional Building. Visit her website at or
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