Fertility Support

Parenthood is a journey, one that starts before conception occurs. The health of both partners prior to conception will impact the health of your children. Therefore, any work you do to improve your health and naturally enhance fertility will be a gift to your children. As we like to say in the naturopathic community: the first gift is your health, the second is conception.

The Summit County Body

For this current “body” issue we should celebrate our own bodies, as a collective. Summit County is a unique area to live, and so are our bodies, proof in a study by the Journal of American Medical Association. Summit County Colorado had the longest life expectancy in the US in 2014, 86.83 years of age. I’ve worked passionately as a Pilates instructor, and studio owner in Dillon since 2004. Throughout the fifteen years, I’ve witnessed the commitment that people in Summit County establish with their bodies.

Proper Care for Your Body

Much like our lives, we can steer and mold our bodies the way we want to. And like our own life, if we do not take proper care of our body, it would rot and die. Most people do not look after themselves for two major reasons:

How Copper is Beneficial to Our Bodies

Copper has an extensive history that can be traced all the way back to antiquity. Our ancestors understood the uses and benefits of copper and took full advantage of this metal with the technology that was available to them. Copper is a chemical element with atomic number 29 which means there are 29 protons and 29 electrons in the atomic structure. The chemical symbol for copper is Cu and is derived from the latin word cyprium named after the island of Cyprus.

Kambo - Ancient Amazonian Frog Medicine

Kambo, a secretion from the Giant Amazonian Tree Frog, is a celebrated medicine of the rain forest used by many tribes. It is placed onto the skin via multiple burn marks and left on the treatment site for the duration of the ritual, for typically less than an hour. It permits immediate and radical detoxification and cleansing.

The Second Brain

Did you know that your body has more than one brain? It’s true! And you might be surprised to hear where the second brain is located: in your gut. You have 100 million nerve cells in your gastrointestinal tract. In fact, the only place in the body with more nerve cells than the gut is the brain. The connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract is profound, and is often referred to as “the gut-brain connection”.

How Detoxing the Muscular System Can Lead to Peak Performance

What are toxins?

Basically, toxins are anything not made by the body to function; in other words, they’re substances that the body needs to get rid of. Things like sugar, metabolized hormones or chemicals are considered toxins and anything unnatural that we put into the body can affect all of its systems until it’s flushed out by some mode of exit.

Reiki Does the Body Good

Why is Reiki good for the body? Reiki is a holistic treatment modality to reverse the effects of stress. Reiki promotes health and healing for the body by producing deep relaxation. When the body is relaxed, it is able to go into digest and cellular repair mode because the parasympathetic system is stimulated. The parasympathetic nervous system helps to maintain homeostasis in the body by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure and by reducing the stress hormones.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

The brain is more powerful than our physical body; we can control an experience simply by narrating it in our minds. Try this, lift your right arm above your head and then lower it down. Repeat the exercise, but now tell yourself your arm is heavy, made of concrete and you hate lifting it. Repeat again, telling yourself your arm is light, made of feathers and it is easy and joyful to do.


Every day we exist in modern society, our physical bodies are being bombarded by unseen forces that the average person knows very little or next to nothing about. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around us, especially if you live in or around the perimeter of any major city.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences categorizes EMFs into two groups:

EmBODYing Well Fit Human

To truly embody an idea or way of being is to allow its influence to alter your daily thoughts and actions so that your life shifts in a profound way. When you choose Wellness as a constant form of growth you start to see obstacles as opportunities. When you strive for Fitness in body, mind and spirit you regularly engage in exercise, meal planning and meditation. When you make the decision to be more involved in your community, it’s almost serendipitous how many organizations, influential people and Humanitarian causes begin to show up as beacons leading the way.

The Pilates Body

How often do you focus on what’s going on inside your body? Do you notice when your listing to the left? How about when your shoulders are rounding forward? Can you tell when your low back is stiff? Our bodies and our minds are communicating all the time. Take for instance hunger. Your stomach grumbles and you, no doubt, feed yourself.

EVALI and Illegal Vapes

A few months ago, headlines across the world exploded with news that people who were using vaporizer pens, or vaping, were being hospitalized and some were actually dying. So many cases were being reported that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) ,in Atlanta, stepped into the fray. Headlines were vague and no officials could find the reason why so many people were getting sick so quick. As of Nov. 14th 2019 there were 2,172 cases of EVALI or E-cigarette/Vape Associated Lung Injury.

Gratitude for Every Body

Upon finding out that I am a yoga teacher, I am often told by friends and friends of friends, “I love yoga, but I’m not any good at it. I can’t do the postures well.”

Over time, course-correcting this comment has become somewhat of a passion of mine because the statement itself indicates a misunderstanding of what yoga is really all about.

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Modern Vibration is a growing community that believes we are all children of Mother Earth. It is the sacred laws of nature and an appreciation for the great circle of life that hold us to our truths. We are the light for the law of attraction on this journey back to the golden age of nature, love, health, and vitality.