Steve MElissa Denver SummerThank you for taking the time to hear the story of Modern Vibration. My name is Steve Caton and I guess I was always on a journey; I was just unaware of a lot of things, really just unaware that I was on any sort of journey at all. I grew up in suburban Detroit, Michigan on a dirt road in a small ranch home with a beautiful field and a large wooded area across the street. My father was a commercial artist who restored old cars as a hobby and my mother was a stay at home mom. My brother and I rode and raced our BMX bikes mostly.

My dad and I got along well, we fished, hung out in the garage and he would
 let me watch him paint if he was working from home. But he had a dark side that was fueled by alcohol. I spent a lot of time alone in that field and woods, as it seemed I was always avoiding family confrontation. My cat Pookie was my best friend and the natural surroundings of that field and woods was my refuge.

My parents divorced when I was eleven and my mom remarried a well off businessman when I was twelve. My brother and I moved into his seven-bedroom home on a private lake with his four children. A strong emphasis on money, business and politics was the new lifestyle for us. I lived in that house until I was 18 and was then sent to a private business school.

In 1991, after graduating college, I was managing a sporting goods store in Keego Harbor, Michigan. One day, the owner brought in a TV and a stack of ski videos. We played the ski videos day in and day out in the store. These videos were the first glimpse into a world I felt I belonged. It seemed to me that, for the first time, I was looking at people who were truly enjoying their lives, somehow connected to nature and somehow happy to the core.

I moved to Telluride, Colorado when I was twenty-three. I lived there for four years, what I call my freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year of life. I connected with the people, the ski town lifestyle and most important, I reconnected with nature and a lust for a good, clean, happy life.

When I was twenty-seven, I fell sick. I’m not sure what I had, but I was so sick that I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink for days. I felt as though I was going to die. Lying there hallucinating and dying, I kept having these nagging undertones that I hadn’t lived up to my parent’s expectations. I vowed that if I ever got better, I would make something of myself in the business world and build the life that I was supposed to have.

Well, I did get better and I moved back to Michigan, got a corporate advertising job, bought a house, cars, lots of stuff, got married, had 
two beautiful children and acquired quite a nasty drinking habit. I was a corporate alcoholic at thirty-eight. As it turns out, I am what you would call an empathic, high reactive, introverted, lightworker, but when I drank I could turn on my type A, ego driven personality and function just fine in the corporate political paradigm that I was living.

At the time, a great friend and drinking partner of mine got two drunk drivings in a row and ended up in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. By osmosis, I started going to AA with him. One of the steps in the program asks you to seek your Higher Power. The words God, Spirit or Higher Power had never even been mentioned in my world up to this point.

My wife and I both came from alcoholic backgrounds and knew that we wanted better for our children, so I quit drinking and went in search of a Higher Power. I was on a mission. I feverishly studied all sorts of religion for the next couple of years looking for what I could relate to as a Higher Power.

The rabbit hole really opened up when I met a man who worked with my family on some health issues with an EDS frequency machine. Over the course of several meetings, it became very clear, watching him work with that machine, that the relation between a Higher Power, God, energy and frequency was close, if not all the same. It was around then that religion started to slide quite easily for me into spirituality, metaphysics and holistics. I felt that the Higher Power, as I understood it, had been found.

As the years passed, I became more comfortable as an introvert and once again began to notice how beautiful life was and how close I felt with the energy of the natural world. I moved my family back to the Colorado mountains to pursue a more nature based, spiritual, holistic lifestyle and to be surrounded by an open and accepting community.

After we moved to Colorado, I learned something truly disturbing. The Egyptian and Mayan calendars as well as Plato’s Great Year run on 26,000-year cycles. From the Golden Age, 13,000 years ago, where the sole focus was spirituality and connection with nature down through the Silver, Bronze and Tin Ages until we reach the Dark Age, 13,000 years later, where the focus is hedonism and materialism. The Mayan calendar, which ended 12-21-2012, was not the end of the world; it was the middle of the 26,000-year cycle and marked the pit of the Tin or Dark age.

We have now lived through the worst hedonistic and materialistic times of the last 13,000 years. According to the calendar, it will be another 13,000 years before we are back to the height of the Golden Age and focused on the spirituality of this natural world with a true respect for the interconnectedness of all things.

Having recently moved to Colorado, I was spending a lot my quiet time contemplating my calling, pinpointing my unique skills and talents and trying to truly find out what makes me come alive. Then one day, in an instant, I felt like I was washed over with clarity and I just knew. The passionate, shy, artistic introvert with a corporate advertising background. It was me, I was the one. I would use my skills and talents to gather the community already headed back to the Golden Age, give them an outlet to educate and spread wisdom and we would become the Golden Age beacon burning bright for the law of attraction. Talk about coming alive!

In the fall of 2016, my wife Melissa and I started a homegrown holistic magazine and local directory called Listen Share and Be Kind as a community gathering place for all that is beautiful, blessed and pure. We felt as though the world needed an educational place to highlight the beautiful side of the holistic lifestyle and an insight into the amazing community supporting and nurturing it. It was created as a refuge from the corporate, consumer driven world and a place to feel comfortable with your surroundings and those who surround you. This is the field across the street when you were seven years old, simple, true, organic, spiritual and safe.

Since day one, gathering the community, spreading wisdom and awakening people to what and who is available to them in the world of natural health and wellness has been our focus. We feature a comprehensive directory of local practitioners and healers, making it easy to connect with the proper modalities and specialties you are looking for.

We feature informational mind, body and spirit articles submitted by the local holistic community. Each locally authored article is meant to educate and offer insights into highly enlightening and low communicated topics within their respected fields of expertise. We offer nutritional advice and vegan recipes all submitted by local businesses. We let the community share special offers and local events so that you can take advantage of meeting and connecting with like-minded people in your community.

We changed our name to Modern Vibration in the summer of 2019 and the mission of growing as a community continues to manifest. We have made the shift and are headed back to the Golden Age. There are so many wonderful people and so much holistic wisdom right here in your community; we hope this outlet helps you take advantage of what and who is available to you.

Peace and love,
Steve & Melissa Caton